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Earn extra revenue from your Apps, blog, web sites, in our trusted network program by showing our high tech reach media ads in your high trafficked property (Apps/ websites) we offer both pay per click, and per impression.


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Reach the rigth traffic ,we are the number one mobile advertising network, showing rich media ads in more than 670+ mobile sites, on a standard pay per click system. We offer real, clean traffic from, 127, countries around the world, in all mobile brand, android, apple, blackberry, windows, amazon, java & etc.

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Mobile Contents (new)

We provide valuable mobile contents such as web widgets, web templates, downloads widgets, mobile Apps, smart widgets ,etc. All are designed in 3d high tech to fit your need.


New project

The Broos High project'
This is a Android mobile software development and supply system. The original Broos high is a mini web connector android app in a BETA position, developed advanced research guide by the Broos high team to investigate how in app marketing can benefit the organization. But this project is a semi success as it is like a mini browser with multiple connect hubs like the web connect and the music connect, to make sure the users connect to there site, music, videos, docs easlly and in a fast way. You can get the new Android Broos High app …



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